Explore London and its Best


Anyone who has been to London can tell you about having gone for a spin on the London Eye, making funny faces at the Guards of the Queen or a visit to the Tower of London.

Aside from the well-known landmarks available in the city, there are various other fun things to do. A visit to shoredith is sure to be captivating because it allows one to capture through photos it’s beautiful and unique street art.Visiting London is expensive; however, one cannot run out of thing to do or places to see for free. The city has a cheap bus tour that can be used for sightseeing. Dalston area in the city of London is a fun place to explore, and it can be done for free. It has a variety of clubs, markets and is known mainly for its kebabs. It, therefore, makes for a fun place to enjoy good meal and night out.

Some of the best pubs and bars available in Dalston are the Railway Tavern, Ruby’s, Riley Road Market Bar and Spurtowe Arms.The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is a must visit due to the existence of wildlife, waterways and paths that run through the park. The park is also known to have hosted one of the Olympic Games.

For entertainment, a visit to Theatre Royal is necessary. Many performances and musical shows by the residents on the diversity of their culture is on display at the theatre. Monday nights are marked as comedy nights at the theatre therefore if you are looking forward to having a good laugh while in the city, then Theater Royal is the place to be. At Holland Park, you are sure to experience some Japanese tranquility. It has a Japanese garden that is traditional and was constructed in the year 1992 to form part of London’s Japan Festival.

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