How to make friendship with others


The greatest thing about London is that it’s a London opportunity not only for London citizens but visitors. Finding girls in London is not difficult since they are ready for friendship with even strangers. Having that mentioned, it may not mean that making friendship with girls in this city is as easy as you may think. There is a guideline which not just boys observe but girls too who needs friendship from fellow men.

The best thing you can do if you want to win girls in London is to be a polite man. How do you expect me to be seduced by you yet you are pissing me off from the very start. If you are approaching me seeking friendship, then don’t confuse my kindness for weakness. I would love it when you smile back at my in an easy way. Don’t fake anything to me when in need to friendship girls because you certainly not the first man to do so. Girls have been humiliated by men and that is why they will always be cautious when one wants their humble attention.

You should never be an aggressive man when dating London beauties. They hate that with passion. For example, if I deny you my mobile number even if you need it for friendship purposes, don’t go ahead and use other alternative means. I will get angry with you after the first call. How stupid am I to deny you my numbers then you seeking it from someone you have no interest with especially if you get it from my fellow girls. I would prefer if you write me an old school letter. I may reply with my mobile numbers contact and you will be satisfied.

Well, girls of London know what fame is and you should not come boasting it to us. If you have been to a certain concert in London and a celebrity made friendship with you, please keep it to yourself unless asked. Some girls have been able to share the same table with royal family and they don’t brag about it. By shunning it yourself then you will get the highest accord to the likes of the queens and kings.

The good news is that we are also not shy to make a plea to you as a man. For example, if it’s sunny and I request you to cool me down; you should not pretend not to understand. We do like to swim in famous pools with cute guys like you. If you call us for a date and do something great, we shall never run short of factual praises. There comes a time when we hate to be driven around the street with a boy’s cars. In most cases, we cherish to drive you with our cars. It looks sexy and hilarious to both of us.

A man who is able to learn about these tricks found no where else will live a happy life full of charming ladies around. It will cost you nothing to grasp these and friendship with gals will be an easy thing for you.

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